Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review of "Breaking Down" by C.V Walter

This story leads on from the first in the series, Breaking Curfew. We are introduced to Mason King, a young man from a moneyed family, as hungry for prestige and success as he is for cock. Being taken and used for pleasure seems to be a theme of his college life. In Breaking Down, he finds himself the butt of a college prank; and when his (suspiciously rickety) car breaks down, he becomes the butt of quite a different joke. His sun blistered form is discovered by redneck neighbours who take out their horny frustrations on him.
Mason's consent to all these acts is ambiguous; while he dutifully does as he's told his opinion is not required. The whole series has a pleasingly gritty tenor which serves well to communicate all the raunchy, humiliating acts which are perpetrated on Mason's body.
Oh, and there's a twist reveal at the end which I always love.
If you like hot, explicit, humiliating gay sex among oversexed college guys, definitely give this series a go. Even if you don't know yet if it's your cup of tea, this series has definite page turner appeal if you fancy something a bit different!

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